Grow Your Business with 10 ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT now has access to the internet! Use the 10 prompts to grow your business.

BusinessChatGPT Prompts
Fastest growing industries researchPrompt 1: Find the top 10 fastest-growing industries in 2023.

Use this next prompt for each industry listed or whichever one you want to build a plan for.

Prompt 2: Create a plan to enter the (insert industry) market.

ChatGPT will list the steps. You then create a prompt for each step, asking it to create a plan. Just have it dig deeper each time you prompt.
Consumer behavior insightsPrompt: Find the latest research on consumer behavior and preferences in (insert target market) and suggest ways to capitalize on these insights.
Trending hashtags and keywordsPrompt: Identify trending hashtags and keywords related to (insert industry) for use in content creation and social media campaigns.
SEO algorithm recommendationsPrompt: Analyze recent changes in Google’s search algorithms and provide SEO recommendations for my website (enter URL).
Email marketing best practicesPrompt: Find the most successful email marketing campaigns for (insert industry) and suggest ways to adapt their strategies for (insert industry). Use my business URL: (enter URL) to learn about my business and how to best create an email marketing campaign.
Identify customer pain pointsPrompt: Identify current customer pain points for (insert industry) by analyzing recent online reviews, searches and social media mentions.
Competitor analysisPrompt: Search online discussions about (insert industry) and provide insights into their strengths and weaknesses.
Influencer marketing success storiesPrompt 1: Search for the latest case studies and success stories of businesses related to (insert industry) using influencer marketing and provide a summary.

Prompt 2: Create a marketing plan based on (insert industry) using what you learned.
Market trend analysisPrompt: Analyze real-time market trends and suggest the most effective marketing strategies for my business (enter URL).
Social media feature insightsPrompt: Research the latest social media platform features and suggest creative ways to leverage them for my brand (enter URL).